System Therapy

Help with human relations

What is System Therapy?

System therapy, also referred to as ‘family therapy’, is a specific form of psychotherapy.

In system therapy, we assume that all behaviour is interdependent and takes place within a certain context. We influence each other by everything we do or say. In addition, we frequently influence other people by what we decide not to share explicitly.
Our aim is not to blame, but instead to identify the dysfunctional interaction patterns, while taking into consideration the underlying emotional needs and vulnerability of the people involved.

How Does System Therapy Work?

Together with my clients, I explore the relationships they find complicated. These are usually personal or professional relationships. Typically, there are several people directly involved in a session. However, even though you might come alone to therapy I will be conscious of those individuals who are not physically present but play an important role in your life.

We investigate the root cause of the difficulties experienced in your relationship and I focus on what is required to repair damage and to improve your relationship. I establish a working relationship with all participants and am impartial and non-judgmental.

Please do not hesitate to get in touch and make an appointment to determine if I can be of assistance. We will then meet for an intake and set up the treatment plan. The duration of a systemic therapy trajectory varies according to the individual situation. Often changes can be achieved within approximately 10 sessions. There will be a short evaluation every 5th session to monitor the therapy and adapt it if necessary.