System Therapy is Customized Work

Introductory Meeting

Our first meeting will be a short conversation by phone or video. We will broadly discuss your request for help and determine whether I am able to assist you.


Treatment starts with an intake of about 60 minutes. During this session, we assess your situation with focus on the relevant relationships in your life and your personal style.
We determine what is currently working and talk about your wishes for change and how to realize them.

Duration of Therapy

System therapy is customized work. Therefore, it is not easy to determine the exact amount of sessions beforehand. It largely depends on the complexity of the request for help and the time and effort you can put into the therapy, during the sessions and in between.
I will give an indication after the first session. In many cases, results can be obtained during the first ten sessions.

Online Therapy

Since the outbreak of COVID-19 many of us have realized that a lot more can be done online than we had ever expected. This is also true for system therapy. However, it is still more convenient, personal and also more efficient to see each other in person during system therapy sessions.
However, online therapy offers advantages such as inviting individuals who live too far away to participate in person. It can also help to eliminate travel time.

The fees for online system therapy are the same as for face to face sessions.

Home Visit

In special circumstances, I can come to visit you at home, for instance, if you are less mobile due to age or sickness.